Cold Emailing: How We Achieved a 22% Open Rate and Boosted Website Traffic by 3078%

Cold Emailing: Achieve a 22% Open Rate?


We’re thrilled to announce the staggering success of our recent cold emailing campaign! Our strategy focused on health experts and the results were nothing short of amazing.

We accomplished the remarkable task of engaging nearly 8,000 experts in a specific pathology globally. Here’s a snapshot of the campaign performance:

  • Emails Delivered: 7,950
  • Emails Opened: 1,772 – an impressive open rate of 22%

But the benefits didn’t stop there! The campaign had a significant impact on our client’s website:

  • Website Traffic: Increased by a staggering 3,078% (x32 increase!)
  • Customer Acquisition: Surged by 1,102% (x12 rise!)

So, how did we achieve these stellar results? The secret lies in our unique approach:

  1. Expert Identification: Our advanced search engine enables us to pinpoint and engage only those experts focused on the relevant pathology.
  2. Personalized Emails: We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. Each expert received an email customized with content specifically relevant to them.

Are you ready to connect with the top experts in your field and experience these incredible results?

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