ScienceOne has been selected by Future4care

📢 ScienceOne has been selected by Future4care, the European ecosystem dedicated to digital health. By bringing together the energies, strengths and expertise of startups and industrial groups from across Europe, Future4care aims to create world champions.

🚀 Our integration into Future4care will enable the entire health ecosystem (Pharma, BioTech, MedTech, HealTech, …) to leverage on our open platform “” ‘s key features such as KOL mapping, personalized emailing and clinical sites identification.

🔗 ScienceOne expects strong synergies across the spectrum of the healthcare ecosystem as we benefit from the expertise of large international groups and establish strong industrial partnerships. Our ambition is to accelerate innovation and become the open professional platform of reference benefiting all stakeholders,  including patients and their carers.

👏🏻 Special thanks to all the members of the selection committee for your trust and support.

Philippe PEYRE Agnès De Leersnyder Yannick Menel Stéphanie Olas Jeanne TIEU-BENICHOU Thomas Ballay Isabelle Vitali
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